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Thiago Souza


Thiago Souza is Brazilian, born in Belo Horizonte-MG, and a chef by training. He arrived at the specialty cafe not because he liked the drink, but because he had a vision that it was what he should do. In 2015, he moved to the Serra do Caparaó region, an area that produces the best coffee in Brazil, to specialize in the area. Specialty coffee aroused a lot of curiosity in Thiago, which led him to study the stages of the production process from planting, learning directly from producers on the farm, to the cup. He slowly understood the complexity and countless possibilities in the production and marketing of specialty coffee. He trained as a Barista, Roaster Master and Specialty Coffee Taster. However, he considers that it is through the intense and daily work carried out over the last 8 years, in the coffee roaster and at the tasting tables, with the exchange of experiences with other good professionals, that he acquires his best skills. Coffee came into his life so strongly that he ended up being invited to work at Caparao Specilaty Coffees and Torra Roasting Coffees, in Lisbon. Since he arrived in Portugal 4 years ago, he has integrated himself into the local specialty coffee community, made friends and helped many other colleagues with his dedication and professionalism. For Thiago, what attracts him most to this world of specialty coffees, firstly, are the relationships and friendships that coffee provides us, and secondly, the more you learn, the more necessary it is to learn in the face of so many variables and possibilities when we talk about roasting coffees. and develop good results right up to the cup, and every day we have the privilege of delivering quality coffees to the cups of thousands of people. He is also a musician, husband of Liliana and father of Arthur, Gael and Sophia.

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