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Rachel Mourad

Vice-champion Hario V60 cup Portugal

Born in Brazil, in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. She grew up travelling around her country, which allowed her to get to know various cultures and customs, from North to South, until she settled in Rio de Janeiro for 16 years. There, she graduated in law, and started her career as a lawyer. In 2018 she moved with her family to Portugal and now it is Europe that she explores. Her taste for coffee comes from the age of 9, when, with friends, she was able to empty the thermos at her grandmother’s house. Coffee had to be “extra-strong” and sugar was bravely eliminated after using capsule coffee. In between postgraduate studies, coffee was her greatest study companion, and to it she also owes a special thanks for her master’s degree. Two years ago he got to know speciality coffee through a good friend. He followed her lead and bought his first home brewing equipment: a Hario V60. With the pleasure and fun she discovered in this method, she was vice-champion of the Portuguese V60 Championship in 2022. Today she collects experiences, gains new friendships and seeks to spread the wonders of coffee and the great pleasure she has in making her coffee at home.

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